About Thomas Officer

Thomas Officer is a fine-art and documentary photographer who specializes in portraiture. Thomas is From St. Louis, Missouri and studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

Thomas volunteers his time as photographer for the Boy Scouts of America and its subsidiary organizations and has photographed for them at NOAC 2015 and Philmont Scout Ranch, among other places. He has had his work published in print and electronically in a variety of magazines, newspapers and social media platforms for different groups within the organization.

In 2016, Thomas was able to participate in an extremely high-profile event, that was a political rally and press conference for Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump in Marshalltown, Iowa. Thomas does not publically share his political views and is willing to participate at events for any political leader or activist regardless of their views.

At the moment he has a traditional 4x5 film, field camera in is his hand and is spending most of his life in the dark room attempting to make something beautiful. You can probably find him there...



People are complicated. So are photographs.

Its been my experience, all throughout my life, that people are infinitely complex and infinitely diverse. There are no defined personality types or kinds of people. There are shades, hues, and swatches that make up each and every unique, individual person. With so many different experiences that we go through as humans, we are put in so many different situations- all of which affect and shape us as people. By this mentality, it is impossible for me to be discriminatory with my camera. I have experienced and captured with my camera so many different experiences (people, landscapes, events, stories, etcetera) that, though I prefer to capture and make some photos more than others, I am obligated and motivated to capture and share everything. My work, then, should reflect what I see, what I do, who I meet and interact with, and how I feel and view myself and the world around me.

"Photos are meant to be shared."